The Vows: Wedding Presets

The Vows: Wedding Lightroom Presets

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An immersive collection of Wedding Lightroom Presets aimed to give flexibility, fast workflow and breathtaking wedding photos. The Vows is packed with 30 light and airy LR Presets. Perfect for any wedding photographer of any concept.

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The Most Versatile Wedding Presets Collection

As a wedding photographer it is very challenging to get your concept the way you imagine especially when you have no control over the set or the weather during a wedding ceremony. Getting the right tone, mood, and feel can be such a tedious post editing process for many wedding photo editors. This is how our Wedding Lightroom Presets come in handy! The Vows Wedding presets were developed through a series of adjustments to give your photos the familiar modern, bright and airy look. With the aperture setting of F1.8, F2, and F4; these adjustments work perfectly for a panoramic range of photographers from novice to the experts.

What’s in the Package.

Presets (XMP, LRPRESETS), Profiles, and Overlays.

XMP for Lightroom CC Classic and Lightroom CC.
LRPRESETS format for Older version of Lightroom.

Beautiful Bride with Lush Wedding Dress
Lightroom Profiles for Wedding Photos by Mindtrick

Edit More with Lightroom Profile

The Vows also comes with Lightroom Profile. Unlike the presets; once applied to your photo, Develop Settings remain unchanged, so you can do even more adjustments than ever before.

Learn more about Presets vs Profiles

10 Light and Airy Concepts. 30 Powerful Presets.

Choose from 10 highly adaptable presets with the addition of 3 adjusted presets (Cold, Warm and Flat) for each main preset. The results are incomparable. Even at the worst lighting condition; applying these presets with minor tweaks through the exposure settings are just enough to create breath-taking photos and impress your clients.

The Perfect ‘Mood’ to tell your story.

The ‘mood’ for wedding photos should be set to soft, light, and dreamy. We have developed our presets to match exactly the way it's done by top wedding photographers.

Profile : Chrome

Expand your Creativity with Overlays

The Vows includes high-resolution overlays; making it more capable to create photos like never before. Simply drag and drop on top your photo, and add magical elements.

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Useful Tips

Just getting started? Learn some wedding photography tips made for beginners.

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Smarter Workflow. Better Efforts.

Are you ready to create the perfect love story for the Bride and Groom? On average, tweaking a wedding photo without using a preset would take at least half an hour more for each individual photo. You should save time and energy during post editing process and allocate more time towards your photography concepts which is far more important when it comes to developing your portfolio as a wedding photographer. It is such a small investment that will deliver tremendous benefits.

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