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Includes over 100 VSCO Inspired Analog Film Lightroom Presets developed to reproduce the aesthetics of vintage cameras. Remember the good ol’ days? Kodak film, Agfa Vista, Portra film, Fujifilm; choose your favourite and start creating photos as if they were shot during those times.

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History Renewed In The Form Of Presets.

In 1888, Kodak was founded, and it soon becomes the most memorable company known to photographers. In 1975, we get the all in one digital camera called the Cromemco Cyclops.

Introducing an extensive set of presets that takes the authenticity of analog photography to the modern cameras. Recreate stunning photos as if they were shot during 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s.

Analog Ragnarok is a vivid realisation of analog devices emulated in a single powerful editing software through an amazing set of presets. It allows you to create photos like the way they were meant to be.

There is a Beauty in the Loss of Clarity…

It is true that in a certain way we could say that imperfection is vital in the art of photography. These presets have been developed and crafted in a way you would not expect from any kind of film emulator. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go through the expensive auction to get those old cameras. Thanks to the magic of Lightroom, we are not just able to add details but also remove them. With Analog Ragnarok, you can create photos that are just rich with imperfection. Talk about that grainy perfection! It’s time to shave off digital details and bring back all those perfect imperfections. Finally with the power of Lightroom, we can embrace the aesthetics of film cameras in a new modern format. Analog Ragnarok includes more than 100 Lightroom Presets developed to recreate the essence of Photos taken using vintage Kodak film cameras. The texture of the skin that just ‘Pop’, photos with perfect hint of grain unapologetically become essential.

Lightroom Kodak Film Presets Collection

Analog Ragnarok is the reincarnation of the old days. Remember when we were kids, we used to not even know how our photos would look like until we take our film rolls to the stores for printing? You’ll never know what your photos will look like until you apply our film presets from the Analog Ragnarok collection. It’s just breath-taking.


VSCO Inspired; but with the power of Lightroom.

You may have heard about VSCO, the popular camera app in the Appstore and Google Playstore. Think of Analog Ragnarok as the ultimate version of the app utilising the heavy powered Lightroom. Optimise your RAW photos with the familiarity of using VSCO but with more capabilities.

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