The Mindtrick Story.

Learn about our culture and narration of stunning videos.

The Enthusiastic Doers

We are Mindtrick, a Production Garrison based in Cyberjaya. We love videos. Unlike most production companies; we embrace the technological advancements in the industry. We love the new methods of creating arts and we love to collaborate with real artists, the people who don't just dream but 'Do'.
We are very passionate about the redefinition of Production stages. As we all know there are three stages of Productions called Pre-Production, Production, and Post Productions. Here at Mindtrick we call them by the terms we've refined and they are Plan, Capture and Magic.
Our Skill

What We Are Good At

Our team consists of highly talented individuals who love to experiment with new technologies. We have drones that have replaced cranes and gimbals that have replaced those heavy stabilisers. In another words; not only that we love to get things done quickly and yet efficiently; we love to do it in "Style".
After Effects
Final Cut

The Team at Work

i-City, Persiaran Multimedia (Malaysia)
Google Campus, Makerversity (United Kingdom)
We are still growing. At this moment we do not have a HQ. If you'd like to meet us you could come to our small work places like our i-City office in Selangor and Makerversity in London.

Our Line ups

Creative Director
Anand Raj
Ahmed Akbar
Cinematic Advisor

Our Clients

Great companies bear one similar perspective. We do what we do to contribute; not to compete but to change the world through our products and services. We never shy away to think that way; and we are proud to have served our clients that share the same iconic principle.
– Hanif, Co-Founder of Mindtrick